Fresh proxy servers 2013

Welcome to Premium Proxies! We provide you with a fine and selected list of running and active proxy servers. On our proxy site you’ll find lots of computers which provide a proxy server. You can setup your computer or browser to use these proxy servers, by changing your settings. Then you can browse from school in Facebook, MySpace or other websites and social platforms.

Our list is not the biggest list available in the Internet, but we keep our proxy servers up-to-date, so that you can use these servers immediately. Just check the list below and click on one of the IP addresses. After that you will get the specific data for the given proxy server.

We love proxy servers, because they add some anonymity to your daily Internet life. Your real IP address will be hidden from the servers you access. And sometimes it’s better to hide your IP address from the websites. For example if you access pages like porn web pages, you sometimes don’t want to show your real IP address. Just in case. ;) That’s why a proxy server is nice to use. Especially an anonymous proxy server will offer you nearly full anonymity in the web.

Just try some of the servers we provide in the list below and see which is nice for you. Some of these servers are faster then other proxy servers and some of some have a higher availability. We try to check them frequently and we often add new proxy server to our database of servers. Just set the address of a proxy server in your browser or system wide and visit our page again. In the right corner, you will see your currently IP address. If everything works right, you will then see the address of the proxy server and not your own anymore.

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This fantastic proxy server on Premium Proxies is the right thing for your jiizz search. Just try this it should work for jiizz. This proxy server allows you to browser maybe faster sources like YouTube and/or other video platforms. Anonymous proxies allow to hide your real IP address.

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